Organizational Diagnosis: A Workbook of Theory and Practice

Reading, MA: Perseus Books (Formerly Addison-Wesley), 1978. The original “Six Box Model” book. A hands-on guide to understanding how Purposes, Structure, Relationships, Rewards, Helpful Mechanisms and Leadership interact in organizations. Step-by-step procedures for understanding and improving any organization. A 16-chapter Resource Reading section highlights key issues in diagnosis and intervention with articles by Wendell French and Cecil Bell, Peter Vaill, Peter Drucker, Peter Block and Tony Petrella, Warren Bennis and many others. Includes Weisbord’s classic essay, “Why Organization Development Hasn’t Worked (So Far) in Medical Centers.” Widely adopted as a college text.

Diagnosing Your Organization is a 30-page “six box learning exercise” used in management training, team-building, and other settings. It enables people to discover important aspects of their own workplaces. More importantly, it provides guidance for rapid improvement.

The Six Box Leader’s Guide provides designs for problem-solving and team-building meetings, coaching sessions, and diagnostic exercises, from 2 hours to 3 days. Includes a section on introducing organization development to line managers.

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